12 Days Till Closing and Final Walk Through

12 days and we close.  We are scheduled for the 13th at 8:00 am and then our final walk-through with our PM at 10:00 am.  We are getting very excited.  We have decided that we will not be going back inside the house anymore until our final walk-through.  However, we will go by and take a look at the outside as we want to be sure the correct stone is installed.

We are getting pretty excited and can't wait to get in.  It's been great that as a family we were able to find temporary place to rent, but the house is very small and we are extremely cramped.

Currently RH is finishing the:

  • Granite
  • Kitchen sink
  • Remaining light fixtures
  • Remaining faucets
  • Ceiling fan in the morning room
  • Guardian and surround sound in the basement
  • Install all appliances
  • Final touch ups and minor repairs
  • Poured finer gravel for temporary driveway
  • Garage door opener
I mentioned last week that we were having problems getting the appraisal done.  It was ordered to be done almost 3 weeks ago.  The appraiser and RH's went back and forth for 2 weeks along with our finance company about the blueprints.  We finally put our foot down and told our mortgage company that it was absurd that we are having this issue still after two weeks.  We told them that we want an appraiser scheduled for the next day or Monday. 

Monday came around.  I stopped by the office and talked with the SR and they had not had the appraiser stop in.  I talked to our PM, he also confirmed that he hadn't noticed anyone at or inside the house.  I asked my wife to call our mortgage company and ask if it had been done.  They got back to us on Tuesday, of this week and confirmed that it was not done.  They contracted the same appraiser that wouldn't go out unless he had blueprints prior to going to the house.  Why would our mortgage company contract the same guy and not CLEARLY explain that the blueprints weren't coming before hand?!  Why did our mortgage company NOT follow-up to be sure it was done?  Why was the SAME appraiser asked to go on site after what was now 3 weeks of bull-crap?  These were all questions that we asked while we fully detailed our displeasure in regards to the poor customer service and follow-up.

That same night, this past Tuesday, a very nice appraiser contacted us and asked for contact information for those with RH.  The appraisal will finally be done today and he appraiser has said that he will get the appraisal back to the mortgage company on Monday.  This is costing our mortgage company more because they are having to put a rush on it.  But we are not paying the added cost. 

I told my wife that I think it would be appropriate to advise our mortgage and relocation company that we will not be paying for the $400.00 appraisal fee.  We are the ones that had to keep asking for status.  We are the ones that had to make everyone understand the urgency.  I have a feeling that if we hadn't watched this closely that we still would not have an appraisal and wouldn't even know that fact.

As a consolation, this has really been the only hiccup in our entire process.  We broke ground on time thanks to the abnormal temps in January in Ohio.  We have had no delays.  Everything came on-time, correctly ordered and delivered and installed.  There were a few minor issues that were quickly taken care of.  Overall we have been very impressed with the process.  

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