We Caved! New Pics & 8 Days Till Closing!

8 Days till we close and it can't come fast enough.  But our RH team seems to be pushing everything till the last minute.  I did stop in last night.  A few things were taking place.

  • The stonework for the outside was delivered to be done today and tomorrow.  
  • Installed the stove top and the double wall oven.
  • The granite is 90% complete, they still have to install the back-splash behind the sink and the shelf.  
However, the painters have about 2-3 days worth of work in the house due to touch ups.  It's amazing how marks and gouges got on the walls when nothing should have been remotely close.  Some walls are having to be completely repainted because of marks, gouges, and in some places a thin coat was applied and you can still see the drywall coming through.  Another concern is that the carpet is down and they are going to be painting again.  I hope I do not find paint splatter anywhere on the carpet.   

What irks me a bit is that a house caddie-corner from us literally popped up over-night.  It was under roof, windows, full siding and a team of dry-wallers muddying and taping the hung drywall in two weeks.  We had 1 guy to mud and tape the entire house.  That is what slowed us down. 

Also, when my wife and I were in the house together the last time, my wife noticed that the cook top, which was still in the box, was laying upside down.  And in big bold letters it specifically stated, DO NOT LAY THIS SIDE FACING UP.  Well, guess what, when they opened the box, one of the cast iron grates was broken.  Of course they will order a new one and get it in.  But it is disappointing that the instructions on the box were completely ignored.   The question is how quickly?

That leads me to this.  I was chatting with our PM, who is really a nice guy, and I said well you have till the 12th to get it all done.  Yet, I was mistaken.  He said he has till this Friday, the 8th, to get it all done.  This is due to the 3rd party inspection that is done on the house on Monday.  I forgot about that.  So the pressure is on for them to get the house completed.   

Now, when we were thinking that we had plenty of time and that the house was ahead of schedule, guess what, I'm a bit uneasy now.  I'm prepping myself for the call on Friday from our SR that the closing will need pushed out because the house just isn't finished.  

Here are a few updated pics from the kitchen and morning room. 

The cook-top.  Still needs connected to the gas line. You can see where the missing grate should be.
I'm thinking some type of back-splash between the counter top and the cabinets, but which color?  Black, dark grey, light grey, off-white?  

The vinyl flooring, first time we got to see it without the protected covering.  We think it turned out pretty nice and has plenty of texture and colors to coordinate with.

The double oven.  Almost complete.  There are two trim pieces that will go on the bottom and the top of the oven that cover the screws where the oven is attached to the cabinet.

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