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So what does Ryan Homes provide?  Stove, Dishwasher, & Microwave.  You're on your own when it comes to the fridge.  As a buyer you will be presented with a few options. What is included and then the ability to upgrade at a higher cost.

RH also appears to be going exclusively with GE Appliances right now, at least in our area.

Since we chose the gourmet kitchen option with the double oven we had several options.  What's included with the gourmet kitchen or upgraded options.  For us, what was included was an upgrade so we chose to go with the default, included appliance.

I thought I would show you what is included when we signed with the gourmet kitchen if you choose to go this route.  The electric cook-top and the dishwasher are both discontinued now.  I am now curious what model dishwasher we received.  I will have to check next time I am at the house.

Start with the cook-top.  You have two choices, gas or electric.  We chose gas.


This is model number JP356SMSS.  This model has been discontinued.  I would assume then that RH has replaced this model with another option.


Gas Cook Top

Model # JGP329SETSS


Model # JVM7195SFSS  

Actual picture of our microwave.


Model # GDF510PSDSS -  This one is also discontinued now.

Double Wall Oven

Model JT3500SFSS

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