Update with Pictures- Cabinets, Trim, and Some Flooring

First the good.  Cabinets, trim, flooring and a very light first coat of paint is all set.  There also was an issue with the framing out the pocket area where the fridge will go.  The framers framed it out a bit too far and would have caused the cabinets to have stuck out further than the surrounding cabinets, but that has probably been fixed by now.

Another crucial piece of the puzzle came in too, and that was the gourmet island.  The new gourmet island available through Ryan Homes is no longer the "hockey stick" island (that is what we have come to call it).  RH changed some options later December.  We were told that we had to sign before a certain date to ensure that we would get the island, which we accommodated.  My wife really liked the look of the hockey stick island.  Plus, the older island gave you more cabinet space.  We were told that the amount of counter space was the same between the old and new islands,except for the cabinet space.  I really didn't care, but my boss... I mean my wife did, so that's what mattered.

The island is all dependent on the cabinets that are delivered.  If for some reason the cabinets aren't delivered correctly, then the whole project could be delayed.  Fortunately, all the cabinets and vanities came in on time and correct.

Here are some pics.

This is the pocket area I described.  The right side is where the double wall oven will go.  The framed out area in the middle is where it was framed wrong and was in the middle of being corrected, and the fridge will fit just under that.  The area to the left will be all cabinet space.  One thing to remember with the gourmet kitchen option (double wall oven), you lose the pantry.  Rather, they install cabinetry.  The area around the fridge and oven should look very nice when completed.

This is the flooring.  This is the landing when you first walk in from the garage.  Both my wife and I were very curious how well it was going to tie in with the cabinets.   This is a linoleum product from Right Rug (the flooring company in our area).  I love hard wood and wood laminates and vinyl wood planking, but it was expensive.  So we opted for the linoleum as we could always put down wood flooring, probably cheaper, at a later date.  I am actually pretty happy with the look.  Lots of great colors in this flooring that will tie into our carpet and will give some great decorating options.


Kitchen and island

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