Appraisal....delay? What?

Our appraisal was scheduled more than a month out and was ordered for March 14th.  The appraisal should then happen within a couple of days of order date.  But, for some reason, the appraiser wanted the blueprints of the house sent to their office.  I would imagine that Ryan Homes has an electronic copy of the blue prints on some file somewhere.  However, I can also understand Ryan Homes not wanting to send these blueprints over the interwebs for some guy/gal to then steal or distribute as they wish.  The appraiser was advised that the blueprints aren't available for distribution and that they can see the blueprints when they arrive at the house.  The appraiser has been advised that the SR will be readily available to assist them however they need.  The appraiser even asked if our PM could meet them somewhere to show them the prints!  I have a feeling that this appraiser, thinking this is a new house, doesn't want to go to the property and just wants to appraise it based on blueprints and surrounding comps.  Obviously they wouldn't admit to it.

This is the LAST hurdle for us.  Get the appraisal done and we can technically close with no issues whatsoever during this whole entire process, which till now has been great.  Ryan Homes, at least in our allotment and area has done a fantastic job and has meet all deadlines and addressed any concern we had.

We are schedule to close on 4/13.  The appraiser still has time, but they are quickly running out. We did send an email advising that this process seems to be a little arduous and that we have never had issues with appraisers like this when we have bought a house in the past.  Our mortgage company advised that they have advised the appraiser that the prints are at the model home for their viewing.  It sounded like the mortgage company may have put their foot down advising the appraiser to get to the house and do the appraisal.

I should add to this.  Please remember that we are NOT using NVR.  I'm sure if we had used NVR the appraisal process would have been done with no issue or concern.  However, since we are relocating and using the mortgage service (which is very good and has great benefits) the mortgage provider will of course order their own appraisal.  So please keep that in mind.  This is not an issue with Ryan Homes or NVR.

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