Siding Sighting, Close Date Confirmation, and Appraisal Week!

A quick drive by yesterday revealed that the siding landed on site and started to go up.  I grabbed a couple of pics.  I also got to chat with the PM who was on site as he has several homes going up right around us.  The drywall was still getting finished up stairs, but was done downstairs and in the basement.  Cabinets, first coat of paint, vanities, some flooring were all still on schedule for this week.

My wife, by chance, was expecting a email from somewhere unrelated to Ryan Homes.  She happened to check her junk mail folder and low and behold, there was an email from Ryan Homes.  It was the pre-settlment letter.  It confirms our close date.  We are scheduled for 4/13 at 8:00 am to close and 10:00 am for our walk through with our PM.

For the most part, we are basically done, except for, the appraisal.  This is scheduled to happen sometime in the next day or two, maybe even today.  I'll admit, I'm slightly concerned about the appraisal and it coming in lower than the sell price of the house.  However, there is a house that just closed last month $9k more than ours in the same development.  A house just closed across the street, another Venice, for about $40K less than ours.  But, it does not have the morning room and I'm not sure what else it doesn't have.  Crossing my fingers that the appraisal comes back fine.  Our mortgage company has said that we are clear to close.  The appraisal remains the last step.

I have read where a low appraisal has come in low.  It doesn't seem to happen very often, but it does.  I've told my wife if it does, we are not putting more money into a home that is over valued.  Period.  Crossing my fingers!

Here are the pics!

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