Weekly PM Call - Moving Right Along!

Friday the PM called and discussed the current status of the house.  As of Friday the drywall was still being taped.  According to our PM he said that it was going to be finished this weekend.  Starting this week the arrival of cabinets, trim, doors, first coat of paint and some flooring would start to happen.  This all sounded great until we drove by yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and saw the drywall guy still taping the second floor.

My concern is that after taping, they still have to sand the drywall.  Hopefully the downstairs has been already sanded so they can begin to work on all the components downstairs.  Then, when they are ready for components upstairs, the drywall work will be all ready for paint, vanities, trim, etc.
The drywall work has been the longest part of the entire process.  Unfortunately, the taping of the drywall was done by one man, I'm not sure if he is the one doing the sanding either, but I am assuming that he is.  Were still on track and on schedule.  We do have a close date of 4/13 and are hoping to nail that date as that is when our rate lock expires.

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