Fixtures! A pleasant surprise.

One of the things that has really impressed me is the quality of of the fixtures going into the house.  I wish I had more pictures, and I think I will go back today and grab a few more.  When my family and I first moved to NC we rented a house that was just over a year old.  It was almost 3000 ft².  One gripe I had was how cheap all the fixtures were.  I'm talking about faucets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, shower doors, etc.,  Nothing felt solid.  For example, we were there a month and had a handle on a faucet in the mast bath that could spin 360 degrees, which was it was not supposed to do.  It didn't leak, but something internal went bad.

Most of the lighting fixtures and some of the faucets have been installed in the house.  I will say that the faucets feel substantially better than some of the other "builder grade" components.  In fact, the faucets are all Delta.  Granted, I don't think they are Delta's top tier, but they really do feel solid and that the quality is much better than I had anticipated.  

Here is a picture of the faucets used in the bathrooms.

I was curious where this product sits in Delta's line up.  I found it.

Delta is asking for $148.00 for the faucet.  Seems kind of high and who would buy directly from the manufacturer as they are almost always higher.

Here it is on

They are asking $86.00.  What I appreciate is that RH didn't go for the bottom of the barrel, builder grade, no name garbage.  Instead are installing a brand name product that comes right off the shelf at one of your major retailer and if you had to replace yourself because it is out of warranty, you could find the piece and replace it yourself.

Here is the kitchen faucet.  Again, Delta Linden collection.  I don't have an actual picture of the faucet, but I did look at it while in the box.

As for the light fixtures, they are very nice and well appointed.  Again, probably not top of the line, they don't appear to be cheap builder grade appointments either.  What is very impressive is what we think is the pendulum chandelier that hangs down in the stairway.  My picture isn't the greatest, but it is very nice and is actually a rather large piece.

Here are the remaining fixtures.

I think it's great that RH chooses to use decent options when they build.  This means less for the home owner to have to worry about when it comes to selections and options.  I do wish that they would use brushed nickel on all the fixtures, but still we are very happy with the selections.  

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