The Footers Have Been Poured & Waterproofing with Mar-Flex & GeoMat

This past Thursday Ryan Homes broke ground and on time (you never know with Northeast Ohio weather in January).  I mentioned in my previous post how I was hoping that Ryan Homes would get the footers poured soon after as the weather was going to warm up, but lots of rain in the forecast.  And one thing I understand is that lots of rain in a trench is bad.

The next day I got a call about 4:00 pm and it was our PM.  He told us that the excavation went well, and they poured the footers on Friday!  He said that this coming week they should be able to get the molds up so they can pour the foundation, waterproof with the drainage system.  The rain maybe a factor.  The PM said it depends on how the rain is coming down.  If it's torrential, they won't be able to work but still can during moderate amounts of rainfall.  Later that day, my wife drove by lot and took a couple of pics of the footers.  You can't really see the footers too much because of the blankets they lay on top of the footers.  The blankets help the concrete cure properly in colder weather.  

Since we are talking foundation I thought I would mention waterproofing.  As with any foundation, a properly built foundation, poured or blocked, requires waterproofing and a properly installed drainage system.  About a month and a half ago I asked our PM about waterproofing and is the warranty.  Our SR said 30 years, without blinking an eye.  I was rather impressed.  But me being me, I needed more information.  I needed to see that 30-year warranty in writing on Ryan Homes website, on a contract or something.  However, I could not find that anywhere, except for another Ryan Homes community.

I had to ask the question, why does this community website say, "10-yr Structural Warranty & 30 Year limited Basement Waterproofing Warranty".  Here is the site I am referring too Timber Ridge.

The website for the community we are building in does not mention the 30-year limited waterproofing.  In my opinion, any responsible home buyer would question this possible discrepancy.  I asked our SR if she could provide the details of the waterproofing warranty in writing on something official from Ryan Homes.

Ryan Homes installs a product called Mar-Flex GeoMat.

From Mar-Flex's site,
"Like a drainage board, GeoMat Drainage Roll removes water and resists hydrostatic pressure by channeling below-grade water towards footer drainage systems. These water channels are created by molding high density polyethylene (HDPE) into sheets featuring vertically and horizontally aligned dimples. The stud-shaped dimples create space between the sheet and the wall, allowing water to flow quickly and harmlessly away. In addition to channeling away below-grade water, GeoMat acts as a barrier to protect liquid membranes against back fill soil and sediment."

Mar-Flex places a 30-year warranty on the GeoMat.  This warranty does not come from Ryan Homes.  Ryan Homes only places a 1-year warranty on the waterproofing of your basement, even with the Mar-Flex in place.  As buyers, we have to keep this in mind.  For the Mar-Flex to work properly, it must be installed properly.  If I have water in my finished basement 2 years after build.  Who is responsible?

Who comes out and determines that it was Ryan Homes fault or the GeoMat?
Does Mar-Flex come out and inspect the site?
Does Mar-Flex come out and install the product to ensure proper installation?
Does Mar-Flex come out and excavate to see if their product was installed properly if a water leak occurs?

I am very confident that Ryan Homes will ensure proper installation of the product and ensure proper drainage and waterproofing.  I just want those that might read this to understand the product you are getting when you build with Ryan Homes and potential concerns or questions that might arise.

Here is a quick video of the Mar-Flex GeoMat.

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