Breaking Ground - Venice Model With Ryan Homes

Yesterday was our date to break ground.  I decided that I was going to let our PM send me updates without asking directly.  Yet, within the hour of getting up in the morning, I received text from the PM with a couple of pictures from the PM with the backhoe starting the dig.  I appreciated that proactive communication and the pictures and sent that reply back to our PM.

Here are the first pics.

My wife is back in Ohio and she drove by the site after she got off work and took these pics showing the finished dig.  We had some concerns with the weather, but for January, the weather has been cold, but it has not been frigid enough that the frost got too deep.  Forecast call for temps in the mid 40's next week, but lots of rain.  I'm not sure if they are looking to pour footers today or over the weekend before the rain comes in, I hope they are.

The pics also reveal that our dig site had a visitor and his dog.  Looks like our neighbor to our rear.  What is interesting is that our HOA has an HOA easement, and I am curious if the HOA will build a privacy fence or put up some privacy fence.  However, the gentlemen and his dog were on our property.  Wife said they were just scoping out the dig.  So were off and running and very excited.

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