6 Days till Closing, We Have Dirt and Still No Results on the Appraisal!

Frustrating and nerve racking is an understatement.  We have been told multiple times this week that the appraisal was coming in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It is now Thursday morning and no appraisal results (the appraisal was done last Friday).  We are now, and maybe a bit too late, in getting the on-site representative for the company we work for involved.  (Yes, this company has to have a relocation specialist onsite due to the amount of relocations)  We are asking that we do not pay the $550.00 fee for the appraisal.

We have had to ask multiple times for updates and information when the mortgage team has said they will provide updates.  They don't act no communicate that there is a sense of urgency.  The appraisal is close to being 4 weeks overdue from the original order date.  The mortgage company failed to make a decision to change appraisers in a timely manner.  In fact, we have had to suggest and demand that certain actions be taken to get the appraisal done.  We almost feel that if we hadn't been involved, we would still be sitting with NO appraisal at all.

Drove by last night.  The painters are done, the appliances are all in and they moved dirt for a preliminary grading.  There will be a final grading done at a later date.

Looks like they have a little bit of siding around the front door to be done, a corner siding piece and the exterior will be finished.  

Oh and the granite is all done and looks really good.

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