5 Days Till Closing - We Can Finally Relax

Two days ago I told my wife that we should be in excitement mode, but because the appraisal had been seriously delayed, we were in this limbo status.  When it finally came through and appraised for the right amount we finally could relax and start thinking about the house and finally getting in there.

We are now 5 days till closing.  The house should be technically done with nothing to stop us from closing.

This morning I stopped and grabbed a Dunkin Donuts large dark roast coffee, one of my favs.  So I decided to drive by the house since it was only 2 minutes away.  I grabbed a couple of pics.

You might be a little confused when you see the pictures, but yes, that white stuff, frickin' snow.... in April!  However, the house was lit up from the inside.  Not every light appeared to be on and the garage lights were not on, but it still looked very nice.  I love the lamp post, and can't wait till it is actually permanently set and plumb.

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