Pre-Drywall Meeting - On Schedule.

So this is the next step in the build process where the owner gets to meet with the PM.  I thought I would go in thinking that I will take some photos, but since I just posted photos that my wife sent last week, I thought it to be redundant.

Overall, the meeting went as planned.  We walked the house, top to bottom and the PM went through the house outlining different outlets and other notable features.  There were a couple of very minor issues.  A small, maybe two-inch gap of wall was missed during the insulation.  There was a piece of OSB that had two holes in it.  Even though the PM said that it didn't affect the house structurally, I still asked him to patch the holes so that it could help prevent bees, wasps, hornets and other bugs from getting in. Lastly, one of the speaker mounts for the surround sound in the basement appeared to have come apart and could not be fixed.  Fortunately, as I was leaving, both the insulation guy and the guardian team drove up to another house.  So those issues will be fixed.

For the most part, we are on schedule.  If you check Ryan Home's official website where they outline a build schedule, we are about 3-4 weeks ahead of that schedule.  Wednesday RH starts drywall.  PM said that this process will take about 2 weeks.

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