Moving Along a Brief Update

This past Friday I got the weekly PM call.  The RH team of contractors, framers, etc., are just grinding away building the house and staying on schedule.  I gave our PM much thanks and gratitude!

The house is completely under roof with shingles and windows all in place.  HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and pouring of the basement concrete is happening currently, if not already completed.
Our PM said that we should be looking to have our Pre-Drywall next week!  Very excited about that.

My wife also will be in the house tomorrow with Guardian.  Apparently the salesmen from Guardian that we worked with left the company and so they want to make sure they wire and get everything installed in the right place.  So my wife is going to get to look around before I do, but that is okay as she will actually be out of town next week and will miss the pre-drywall meeting.

We also have a hard close date of April 13th.  My wife had to have a paper signed by our SR stating that we are in contract and are building a house in the school district.  They were chatting and advised that are close date is scheduled for April 13th.  My wife and I think that RH and Sirva (our relocation company and mortgage provider) have been talking.  April 13th is actually the expiration date of our rate lock.  The SR said that there will be no problem in having the house done by then.  I even explained to my wife that the house will be done before we close and that we will walk through the house prior to closing.

Wife sent me a few more pics of the house, this time, taken with a cleaner lens and a lot less snow.

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