Holy Crap! Is That A House!

The last several days have brought several inches of snow to Northeast Ohio.  RH started framing last week, and by Friday, there were only a couple of garage walls up. My wife, who was in Cincinnati for the last few days got in this afternoon and drove by lot and took these pics...

WOW! I knew that framing would be faster than other builders due to RH's partial framing off-site, but holy cow did the framers knock this one out.  I know that RH's in our area hires Amish to do most of the framing and boy did these guys go out there and mean business.  My wife was completely shocked to see the progress and did not expect to see the house completely under roof with windows installed.

I did notice that the second-floor window on the side of the house does not have that "flashing" under the sill like all the other windows.  I sent our PM the picture to advise him.  I also told him how great it was for my wife to drive by and see the house at this stage and how grateful and appreciative we are for their hard work.

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