Framing & Weekly PM Call

I had our weekly PM call this past week.  So far we are on track.  Framing has begun, but the cold and snow in Ohio has slowed down the framers just a bit.  PM said that we are still on schedule as there is always room to make up time.  Also, the weather in Northeast Ohio is warming up a bit for this week.  The PM said that we should be under roof by Wednesday!  My wife was home over the weekend but flew home yesterday and drove by the lot.  It was dark by the time she got to the lot, but she did send me a pic.

As you can see, not a whole lot of progress.  But if you saw my previous posts, they deliver a lot of wood and I don't know if the wood is bundled in order of the framing process, or if the framers have to pillage through the wood to find the pre-assembled parts they need.  

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