Quick Update - Sold Sign Is Up

Last post we were hoping to hear that our build date was going to get moved up.  It was moved from February 8th to January 28th.  There were hopes that it could be moved up another week and we have been hoping to hear from our SR that they were going to be able to do so.  But, so far, nothing from our SR in regards to moving it up another week.  That's okay, it's better than February.

However, my wife is back in Ohio for another week and drove by the lot and she took a picture of the Sold sign on the lot.  Made us feel good to see the sign on the lot.

As you can see, our lot backs up to an older established neighborhood.  Looks like a fence will need to go up at some point in time so that we can have a little privacy.  The lot is fairly level and has a decent amount of depth to it.  Autumn leaves shouldn't be too bad either.  

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