Quick Start, What Quick Start, Construction Date Set....

....And go the disappointment.  Quick reminder of our situation.  We are relocating from North Carolina back to Northeast Ohio.  In most situations someone would buy pre-existing and not worry about building.  However, we were advised that Ryan Homes has a Quick Start program.  It requires that the buyers make every selection needed and that changes are not allowed.  When we signed on the dotted line and gave them our down payment, in full, we were slotted for January 18th.  Not bad, we were okay with that.  We made all our choices when it comes to the kitchen, flooring, guardian, and we had our financing already lined up and submitted everything to Ryan Homes and our SR.

When our SR advised that RH had everything needed, I asked about our start date.  Then came the vague non-committal response back that they will let us know.  Our SR is on vacation till December 26th and kindly told us that her assistant will let us know as the build dates are released on Friday.

So today, as advised, the ASR emailed us with the start date.  February 8th.... ugh.  Slightly disappointed.  I know it's only two weeks further out than previously stated.  However, keep in my our relocation.  We need to be back in Ohio, ASAP.  Also, keep in mind that the "Quick Start" process gets us building quicker as RH's orders everything needed and get the process rolling.  I'm beginning to think it might have been a sales pitch.  I have scoured the interwebz looking for anyone else that used the "Quick Start" program, but have yet to find anyone that used it or was made aware of it.  Another concern is that we are building in Northeast Ohio.  The weather so far in that part of town has been great for this time of year.  However, that can change instantly with snow.  And if the last couple of years is any indication, it could be bad for us.

I sent a very polite note back to our SR and the ASR advising that we have done everything asked in a very timely manner, paid our deposit two weeks sooner than expected and have provided everything they need to financing.  RH didn't have to wait on us one time.  I have asked for an explanation as to why we were bumped.  

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